CPD: ‘Quality, safety and sourcing in unlicensed medicines’

With the NHS under pressure, patient safety is an ongoing challenge faced by hospitals, with the latest CQC report highlighting that four in five health trusts need to improve patient safety1 At UL Medicines, we understand the key roles that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians play in supporting quality care in hospitals. We are committed to continuously driving professional standards by providing ongoing access to educational CPD tools in our pledge to support the NHS.

Working with APTUK (Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK), we have developed our first CPD module, ‘Quality safety and sourcing in unlicensed medicines,’ focusing on guidance around managing the risks that are commonly associated with sourcing unlicensed medicines. We are working to inform, educate and support healthcare professionals and help manage risk in an area in which it is difficult to access accurate, impartial information.

At the end of the course…

  • You will understand what an unlicensed medicine is, and when it should be prescribed
  • You will be able to understand the hierarchy of risk in prescribing and how to safeguard patients
  • You will know what questions to ask to ensure suppliers are best placed to guarantee quality and patient safety
  • You will be able to ensure your product has the correct supporting documentation

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1 NHS standing on burning platform, inspectors warn March 2017 BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-39071485

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