The purpose of this accredited CPD module is to provide Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacists and the wider pharmacy team with information to assist with their practice and professional development in unlicensed medicines.

The module covers steps the pharmacy team should undertake when procuring unlicensed medicines, including:

  • Risk Assessment – how to safeguard patients and protect your status as a trusted healthcare professional (HCP)
  • Sourcing – knowing what questions to ask to ensure suppliers are best placed to guarantee quality and patient safety
  • Documentation - ensuring your product has the correct paperwork

Disclaimer: This CPD module is supported and sponsored by the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK (APTUK) and UL Medicines Ltd. APTUK is responsible for the contents in this module.

The information contained in this module is based on current UK and EU regulations and industry best practice expertise. Please ensure that you refer to your Trusts guidelines and stay up to date with regulation changes.